Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear corn

Dear corn, 
shall I compare my love for thee to a summer's day? No, I shall not. I will compare my love for thee to ex boyfriends that are hard to get over. Corn you're a bad habit. You're an addiction. I tell myself you're no good for me and that it's over. But then a few days go by and I start missing you. I try to live without you for weeks, but it still feels as though you're in my system.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I found myself craving popcorn tonight, but I chose to ignore it lol. At least for now anyway.
             Moving on to the topic of this blog - random things I found this weekend that contain corn or corn derived products:
1. mayonnaise
2. artificial sweeteners
3. coffee lightener 

I continue to be enlightened on my journey of avoiding corn.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guilt and Pita Bread

Guilt and Pita Bread: I have a confession - I had some corn these past few weeks. I think there may have been some corn derived products in the delicious indian street food I got a few weekends ago. Additionally, I found out there was maltodextrin in the whole grain pita bread my mom gave me with a garden salad when she picked me up from Greyhound bus station. I was extra hungry on both occasions so I dug in without questioning the contents of my food. So, it has not been a year of no corn for me yet. I am learning so much along the way, though. In the spirit of openness I wanted to share that I had not entirely stuck with my plan. Here's to even more excessive label reading and questioning. Cheers.
P. S. I swear my skin is already looking happier because of my new almost totally corn free life style

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Odd Cravings

Am I experiencing corn withdrawal symptoms? For the past week or so, I kept craving the scent of particular fragrances. I'm not talking about exquisitely crafted high-end fragrances either. I found myself craving the knock off brand that reeks of fleshy coconut and sluttyness. I caved yesterday and purchased some while shopping at Melrose. Asking myself "Do I need this?" didn't help. I left the store with two bottles for $10.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I have so many new questions!
I'll leave you with just three:
1. What is sugar syrup?
2. Why do they put corn flour in canned chili? (Chili is one of my top favorites so feel my pain!)
3. Why had I not heard of the "National Baking Association"? I love LOVE to bake but no one ever told me about the baking association! Now I can't push away the urge to bake a cake or something.

I get this feeling I'm going to be a wee bit thinner once this year is done. = )

Monday, February 27, 2012

Today is day one of my year of not eating corn/corn products/corn derived products. As you can see in the photo in the bottom, it's starting out a little rough lol. I'm curious to see if I have the will power to last one year. Please join me in my journey. Salud!