Thursday, March 1, 2012

I have so many new questions!
I'll leave you with just three:
1. What is sugar syrup?
2. Why do they put corn flour in canned chili? (Chili is one of my top favorites so feel my pain!)
3. Why had I not heard of the "National Baking Association"? I love LOVE to bake but no one ever told me about the baking association! Now I can't push away the urge to bake a cake or something.

I get this feeling I'm going to be a wee bit thinner once this year is done. = )


  1. Someone just sent me your blog. I have been thinking of going corn free for at least 6 weeks. I am already gluten and casein free due to health. I didn't realize how corn is in everything! I just discovered it in my Chili also! What gets me is Peanut butter! You can read about it here if you are interested.

  2. Very cool. I'll definitely check out the blog. There's corn in peanut butter? Craziness.
    Best wishes to you. --Keturah