Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guilt and Pita Bread

Guilt and Pita Bread: I have a confession - I had some corn these past few weeks. I think there may have been some corn derived products in the delicious indian street food I got a few weekends ago. Additionally, I found out there was maltodextrin in the whole grain pita bread my mom gave me with a garden salad when she picked me up from Greyhound bus station. I was extra hungry on both occasions so I dug in without questioning the contents of my food. So, it has not been a year of no corn for me yet. I am learning so much along the way, though. In the spirit of openness I wanted to share that I had not entirely stuck with my plan. Here's to even more excessive label reading and questioning. Cheers.
P. S. I swear my skin is already looking happier because of my new almost totally corn free life style

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  1. Keep it up!cheers to your courageous corn-free journey :)